Hi there.  My name is Laureen, and I’m a wife, mom and multitasker.  I decided to start this blog to share some of the things that I love.  From recipes and tips to stay healthy and sane, to travel, fashion and home design inspiration, I want to share some simple things or recent discoveries that I love just in case you might love them, too.  By day, I have a career in public relations.  By night, I am picking up toys all over my house and looking for something to wear the next day that hopefully doesn’t have to be ironed. We’re in the process of building a home, so you’ll see progress updates on the blog. Follow along for building updates and design inspiration  on my social pages using #lucasfamilyhome!

I am trying to juggle the day-the-day as a working mom.  Some days I feel pretty awesome about it, and other days I come home and drink a big glass of wine. But I am thankful beyond measure to have a partner who helps me make life great.