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Casual workwear

May 10, 2017

suede blocked heels, red blazer, distressed denim, casual workwear, white Jcrew shirt


        I have been working a ton lately, so I thought it was fitting to share a workwear post.  This is very typical everyday work outfit for me. My 9-5, (or 9-7pm+, as many who work in my industry know) is a relatively casual environment. I can get away wearing jeans half the week unless I have client meetings. I work in PR & marketing, by the way. I feel like jeans can really be dressed up in the work environment, especially when you throw a blazer or other jacket/cardigan with them.  Because my day changes so rapidly and I often get pulled into meetings at the last minute where I have to look more put together, this is a go-to outfit using classics that I can wear during multiple seasons.

The jeans I’m wearing are probably a tad more casual than what I would wear to work most days, but if I don’t have any client meetings, I think these are great. I love the distressed ends and they were a steal, too. If I am wearing flats I would uncuff the ends.

I have been on the hunt of a red blazer that had arms long enough for a while. When I saw this one came in a tall, I knew it would become a closet staple. Speaking of closet staples, I bought these suede block heels  a few weeks ago when Ann Taylor had a 50% off sale. I’ve mentioned here, but I am such a big Ann Taylor shoe fan. Their shoes are stylish, comfortable, well-made and are always at such a great price point.

And, I couldn’t pass up this linen-like popover shirt. It has a texture to it that makes look more polished since linen can get pretty wrinkly.

I am so overdue for a house update, y’all. We moved into the #lucasfamily home about three weeks ago and it has been chaotic. Our house is probably 95% done, so we still have people installing closet shelves, doing touch up paint, etc. so we can’t get fully settled until that gets done. It’s sort of a stressful environment to live in, especially while having and toddler and working crazy hours the past two weeks. I’m so thankful we had some family come the first week to help unpack us because honestly, we just didn’t have the time. I was out of town one weekend for work two weeks ago, and we’re now in Maui for a much needed vacation.  Then, Ben leaves for a week for a work trip the day after we get back from Hawaii. We’re pretty much non-stop over here!

I have not been able to unpack many boxes except for in the evening once B goes to bed, and my energy level to do that is pretty much nonexistent. We’re slowly but surely getting there and now that a lot of the little things around the house are getting finished, I’m hoping to establish a normal routine again!

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August Rush

August 31, 2016

Not sure what happened to this month. It’s definitely been a whirlwind. There isn’t much of a point to this post, but I felt compelled to write it.

Why did I even start a blog to begin with? Because I really like to write. I have a lot of respect for bloggers because it takes a lot more time than I think people realize to plan and write a post and develop or shoot photos to accompany that post. Right now, I just haven’t been able to carve out the time to do that. I want to make time.  I know the blogs that I like following the most are ones that have more writing vs. images. That’s just me, though. I’ll get it together soon. Promise.

So, all I have for you today are words. Mostly jumbled up thoughts really. A lot has been on my mind.

I’ve been experiencing a lot of guilt lately. Mom guilt, that is,  because my work schedule has been insane the past couple of weeks, and I’ve missed more moments at home than I care to admit. The time I have  before work or after work is precious. I don’t work out as much as I used to because I spend that time playing, reading and smothering Braden.  But the leaving early and getting home very late and eating three meals a day outside of my home has really started to get to me. The guilt has been getting to me. I’m hoping to balance that out and get back into a better routine. This week has been better, but I feel like I’m recovering.

August has had some great highs but also some extreme lows.

My beautiful baby boy turned TWO. I can’t believe it. I just love him more and more each day. I celebrated my 11 year anniversary. We didn’t do anything particularly amazing to celebrate, but I’m okay with that. With the house building and work, things have been pretty jam packed so moments when we’re just at home with Chinese food and a Redbox are pretty amazing. I’m thankful to be at this place in life with a true partner.

Speaking of…

I have major appreciation for my hands-on husband who has really picked up the slack at home while I’ve been working a ton, especially the past two weeks. He’s a gem, and I’m very glad to have him by my side to be my sounding board, secret keeper and pretty much everything that balances me out.

Part of the blur that is August is that we lost someone very important to us. A close friend lost his battle with cancer. It’s made me think a lot about things, and it has pretty much broken my heart for his wonderful family. Cancer really sucks. I don’t know what else to say about it, except that it just really sucks, and family and friends are precious.

Tomorrow is a new month. A fresh start. I’ll be back with more. I promise. Maybe it’ll be light-hearted, or maybe it’ll be random thoughts again. I hope you’ll come back to read more.





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Work to Weekend Style

March 21, 2016

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I love button-up shirts. Paired with the right denim or a pencil skirt, this classic top can be perfect for the office. Just throw on a blazer or cardigan to dress it up even more and make it work for multiple seasons. Styled with skinny jeans, it’s a go-to weekend outfit. Silk button-up shirts are easy to dress up for dinner out or for work, too. I have a few fun, printed silk shirts and colored silk buttons-ups that I’ve had for years.

Work to Weekend Style

Saturday afternoon walk in the neighborhood with B. He loves sunglasses now and I may have an obsession with all things from Baby Zara and Toms shoes for toddlers.

I’ve been finding quite a bit at Banana that I like lately. This linen shirt is casual and light, and I could see myself wearing it with shorts once that Houston heat hits. Who am I kidding – we are having some sort of fluke spring weather, but I’m sure it will be short-lived and we’ll be back to humidity soon.  I wore this shirt 2 weeks ago with yellow shorts when running errands in fact. The weather was amazing this weekend, and we took advantage by walking  around our neighborhood Saturday afternoon, hitting up our favorite toy store, Big Blue Whale, and getting some frozen yogurt. This outfit was perfect for this fun afternoon with my favorite toddler.


Big Blue Whale in the Heights is the most magical toy store! If you live in Houston, definitely check it out. We frequent it weekly. 🙂

Sometimes long-sleeve shirts like this can be hard to find the right fit. I’ve curated quite the collection, so I know what brands work for me and my long limbs. I buy tall long- sleeve shirts and blazers when they’re available from Banana, in particular. Banana Republic, J. Crew and Ann Taylor are 3 stores that sell tall sizes, which means a little more length in the arms and width in the shoulders, which makes this 5’10 gal a happy camper.



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Mary Poppins Moment: What’s in my bag

March 9, 2016

Does anyone have a soft tape measure?

Me: Yes! I do. Here you go.

This is a real conversation I’ve had with a coworker. I’ve been known to have everything under the sun in my handbag. Just call me Mary Poppins. Before I was a mom, I assumed the mom role among by friends and co-workers, always ready with meds, snacks, a hair tie or whatever else was needed by someone.

I decided I would show a real snapshot of what I carry in my bag day-to-day.

First off, let’s talk about the bag. Unless I’m going to a wedding or a night out where I can carry a clutch for just a few hours, I just need a big bag. I’ve always been this way, but when I became a mom, this rang true tenfold.

I’ve been carrying this Tory Burch tote for nearly two years. It’s a plum color that doesn’t seem to be available anymore, but there are some other classic colors available.  I swap it out with other similar-sized bags occasionally, but it’s a simple everyday bag that can double as a work and diaper bag when needed. I have my eye out for a new spring bag…or ten. P.S. It’s my birth month dear, sweet husband.
Speaking of diaper bags, I have a basic navy messenger baby bag that I use mostly for weekend outings to the zoo, travel or other trips out and about, but mostly I just throw a few diapers, changing mat and travel wipes in my everyday purse and I’m all set. I’m thinking I’ll buy ToteSavvy, an insert that will keep things a bit more organized, especially when you’re in the bottle-toting stage. Not in the bottle-stage anymore, but still toting a sippy cup most days since I have a 18-month-old.

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New year, new blog, new house

February 22, 2016

Hello…happy new year!  Wait, I know.  It’s not a new year anymore.  But I actually started to write this post and launch this blog in early January but life kind of got in the way.  But I’m able to finish it up on the plane back home after two back-to-back business trips.  Two sentences in and I’ve already digressed. Anyway, I am in denial that we’re almost in March in the year 2016. In my head, 1997 felt like two years ago.

Back story: I attended my first blogging conference about eight years ago when I started working at a new job in Houston.  It was when blogging was really starting to get huge, and I worked with national food brands who were interested into tapping into the influence that “mommy bloggers” had in the digital space.  I began to develop PR and social media strategies for reaching this new group everyone seemed to be so hot on lately. I attended conferences and met some really amazing, regular moms  and “non-mommy” women who were sharing their everyday lives in fun ways. I thought to myself, “Hey, I feel like I could do this.” So, I  started writing blog ideas in a notebook. It seemed that I would often feel inspired about launching a blog when I worked with bloggers. (It’ll be interesting to share some of that content at a later date.) Then I never did. So, eight years later here I am. I’m kind of a procrastinator.

One of the main reasons I felt compelled to write and share the things I love is because of a pretty big change my family is experiencing: building a new home. This process started in June, and we are STILL waiting on permits, but we will likely be laying foundation in March. Seems crazy long, right? The process has been a true learning experience for us, and I want to offer some helpful tips about building a custom home in case anyone is thinking about doing that. It’s been exciting, stressful, enlightening and fun all at the same time. So expect a lot more on that on a regular basis.

But, in the meantime, I also want to share the things I love with you because I think you might just fall in love with them, too. My friends know me as someone who will share some of my favorite things, including latest clothing or restaurant discoveries, places I am addicted to working out at or even a recommendation on a hair stylist or doctor. I want to have a spot to share those things with you, and I hope this place becomes that.

And bear with me as I navigate the whole blogosphere. My intent is to create a place that feels authentic and comfortable, and for me, that means some trial and error. And googling. Lots of googling.  So while I am figuring this out, please feel free to share your thoughts along the way. Thanks for stopping by!

More soon,