Beach getaway essentials

June 1, 2016

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I’m heading out on a much-needed vacation this week. It’ll be our first trip sans kiddo. Like I said, much needed. 😉

I find myself packing similar things when I’m headed to a tropical destination, so I’m sharing some of my beach essentials.

  1. White swim cover-up: I love the look of a white swim cover-up. I love white summer clothes in general. I gravitate toward cover-ups that have a boho-vibe, and white cover-ups  go with all swimwear.
  2. Turquoise jewelry: I wear a lot of turquoise jewelry once spring and summer hit.. Turquoise jewelry never really goes out of style and I’ve had some of these pieces for years. I have this bangle from this small shop called Jiggy and Wells that a former co-worker recommended to me, and I layer with other bracelets.
  3. Flip flops: I still go back to some of my stand-by flip flops year after year regardless of other sandals that are in style. I have a mix of both inexpensive beach flip flops and a little nicer ones that you can wear with a summer dresses or white jeans and tops. I’ll forever be a flip flop gal even though some fashion mags say flip flops are a flop!
  4. Swimwear that makes you feel comfortable. I think people often go with swimsuits based on trends versus what works for their  body type. I’m not curvy, so a string bikini looks better on me in my opinion. I think one piece swimsuits have come a long way, so I have found one or two I like.  But, I think finding one you feel comfortable in is essential.  Pulling and tugging the one you’re wearing and worrying if things shouldn’t be showing just isn’t worth it, especially if you should be lounging.
  5. Classic sunglasses: Every pair of sunglasses I own is a prescription pair. I had Lasik 10 years ago and don’t need glasses anymore, but have a very slight prescription that I just use to get sunglasses since I have to still get eye check-ups. I prefer classic sunglasses like Ray-ban aviators and always get them polarized.
  6. Beach bag: My best friend got married a month ago and gave us cute, striped monogrammed beach bags with a fun rope handle, similar to the one seen in this post here. I’ll be sporting that one during my beach trip. I always have my beach bag double as my plane carry on.

Looking back on a few of my beach escapes, I always pack these items. Do you have any beach essentials you can’t live without?

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