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January 5, 2018

I am not made for the cold weather.  My No. 1 hobby lately = hibernation. Seriously though, I am a homebody and now that I work from home, I find myself wearing cozy clothes most days.  Add sickness on top of that, and well, welcome to the land of elastic waistbands, fleece and long-sleeve shirts with thumbholes. Even when I go out, I’m wearing leggings, a pullover and vest because it’s just easier and more comfortable to be in these types of pieces than skinny jeans and a sweater. I think many of us have been hibernating the past couple of weeks no matter where we live because we have all experienced our version of chilly weather. So, I thought it would only be fitting to share some of my true OOTD staples.

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I should have added this blanket to the mix. My friend gave this super soft throw to me as a Christmas gift, and I’ve been wrapped up in it ever since I unwrapped it! My kid and I fight over it, so I should probably just buy another since it’s under $30. Braden is so funny lately, and wanted to sit with it and not share, and he told me there are “plenty of other soft blankets in this room, Momma!” Sassy threenager stage for sure.

My most worn cozy pieces are definitely these high-waisted leggings I picked up  last year during the Nordstrom anniversary sale and my Uggs. I know a lot of people who love these leggings and wear them all the time. I don’t wear my Uggs out in public because it gives me flashbacks to 2003 when they were all the rage, but they are great to lounge in at home.  I have had a tan pair and pink pair since college so definitely have gotten my money out of my Uggs.

Stay warm, friends! I’m just getting out of my sick fog, so I’m busting out the laptop more both for work and for tackling blog stuff more consistently. I did binge watch two seasons of The Crown, and I don’t feel bad about it! It was SO good and I find myself googling the history of the royal family because I think it’s so interesting. Are there any new shows I should consider? I’m thinking Big Little Lies.

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