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May 26, 2016

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I pretty much wear workout clothes all weekend long whether I’m working out or not. But, more often than not, I’m heading to spin at Define on Saturday morning. I’ve been a pretty big Rev fan since they started it a few years ago. I credit it for helping me lose all my baby weight within a couple of months after B was born. I try to be active throughout the weekend, going on pretty long neighborhood walks and often doubling up and doing yoga on Saturday and Sunday evenings since I’m not really working out as often as I used to on weekdays. A 7:45pm toddler bedtime will do that to ya. So, I’m changing in and out of workout wear all weekend long.

 I picked up a few things at the Nordstrom half yearly sale, which just kicked off this week and is running through June 5. It’s a great opportunity to stock up on some staple athleisure wear pieces at a fraction of the cost. I bought a new pair of Nike tennis shoes from the sale yesterday and a few other things online to add to my weekend wardrobe.

 Happy sweating! 😉


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