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Windows… well at least some of them

July 6, 2016

Windows are beginning to get installed this week, which makes this house feel like, well, a house. I’m pretty amazed at how each piece makes things feel very different.

Late last week, Ben went by the new house during lunch since he likes to micromanage things (we’re probably the worst clients ever…two super detail- oriented people. Or maybe, we’re the best people to build a home?!) and noticed that many of the windows delivered were all the wrong color. Some of our windows are vinyl — the ones on the back or sides of the house. But, many of them are wood, particularly the ones on the front of the house or other areas that we wanted a more custom, cross-hatch look such a the breakfast nook.

So, we basically had a ton of almond-colored windows delivered. This isn’t good when you ordered white ones, plus we’re leaning toward having a white  house. For a good hour, we thought thousands of dollars were going to be wasted and Ben was trying to figure out if there was any way to paint vinyl windows or get them returned. Plus, all these windows were sitting in the house and a crew was scheduled to come out and install them that afternoon. After a few calls, we discovered the window company was the one at fault. So, that was good news but it obviously has caused some delays with window installation since some of the windows need to be custom made.

So, we’re a few days delayed now, but at least we’re getting the windows we want.

More (windows) soon,

LLWindows (27)

Windows in the breakfast nook area

Windows (29)

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