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Birthday #2

August 9, 2016, Braden tursn 2My sweet baby boy Braden turned two today. It’s hard to believe that I have a two-year-old. Sometimes  I feel a little unqualified to be a mom to a toddler who is learning and growing daily. He’s such a little sponge, constantly counting and pointing out the shapes, colors and objects in every room. It’s hard to put into words how much I adore this kid.

Braden turns 2

So, on his birthday, I thought I would share the things that I love about him:

I love how he dances up a storm in our living room.

I love how he sings, “Hammer, where are yoouuuu?”  when he’s searching for his favorite little accessory to his tool work bench.

I love how he crinkles his little nose and gets so excited when he sees cats on video.

I love how he kisses me everyday on the lips before he leaves to go to school.

I love how he gets a little jealous if he sees mom and dad kiss and then he wants kisses, too.

I love how he wants to wear shoes all the time. This is soooo much like Ben, who pretty much puts on shoes when he wakes in the morning and wears them all day long.

Sometimes I hate this, but deep down I kind of love it. When I’m putting him down for bed, he says, “Momma, lay down.” He wants me to crawl in his crib  next to him. ( I may or may not have done this on a few occasions…)

I love how he constantly requests to go downstairs when we’re upstairs.

I love it when he says “Ben!” when he’s looking for his dad and he’s having a tough time finding his favorite human.

Ben and Braden,

Braden is very much his father’s son, carefully evaluating his surroundings and resourcefully looking for solutions if he gets hung up on something.  It’s so fun to see his little personality develop.

Now for the things he loves. At this point in his life, Braden definitely has likes and dislikes.

He likes to dip everything in ketchup. He loves marinara sauce, too.

He always gets really excited when he sees monkeys in books, on TV, etc.

He loves massages. After bath time when we’re changing him into PJs, he turns over on his stomach on the changing table and asks for a   ‘sage – the massage without the “ma” on the front end of the word. So, we oblige and rub lotion all over his little body.

He loves construction equipment and constantly points out backhoes when we’re driving around town. He enjoys going to the ” ‘struction site” – where we’re currently building our home.

We recently gave him a soft tape measure, and he loves it. He’s always measuring things around the house. It’s pretty hilarious actually, as he legitimately looks like he is measuring with a purpose to fix something.

I could go on and on, but I’m honestly getting a little teary-eyed writing this. Of all the things that I’ve done in my life, I can undoubtedly say that I’m most proud to be his mom.

Baby boy, I love you more than I can truly express. Thank you for joining our family two years ago. Happy 2nd birthday, Braden!



Braden 6

Braden tree climb, swinging B

Braden 3

laureenloves family photo, Braden turns 2

Photos by Ailee of Snapshots by Ailee Petrovic















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